The Magic of Google Sheets

I’ll admit, 2020 has been a challenge.  While I’ve gotten comfortable working from home, my fitness and eating routing have been inconsistent.  Enter Google Sheets!

From October 26 until Thanksgiving, I used a simple Google Sheet to track some healthy habits and changes.  Notable entries to my spreadsheet included drinking 1 gallon of water, no fast food, fast 13+ hours, weighing in, drinking a green drink and wearing my smartwatch.

Here’s where the magic started.  Everyday I would make an “X” in each row as I completed a task/habit.  Progress came slowly, but as the days passed and more Xs filled the sheet, I built momentum.  While my compliance wasn’t perfect, I made sure to put and X or – accurately every single day.

The small win created by entering an X and creating streaks helped me drink that last glass of water or beat hunger to complete a fast.

Want to see my sheet?

The Result:

By making these small changes over the course of a month, I was able to lose 10lbs and feel overall healthier.

In an effort to maintain this momentum, I created a similar spreadsheet to track the days between Thanksgiving and Christmas.  

Here’s my Thanksgiving to Christmas Sheet:

Want a blank Thanksgiving to Christmas Sheet spreadsheet to track yourself?

Yes, I made some changes to the habits for this month.  My hope is that I will lose another 10 lbs and set myself up an awesome 2021!

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